Montani Property Valuers!
We have been a trusted property consultancy company dedicated to providing exceptional valuation services. Our goal is to deliver professional and accurate valuations using effective methodologies and strategic approaches.
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Property Valuations
Our expert valuers employ rigorous methodologies and industry best practices to determine the accurate market value of your property. We consider various factors such as location, property condition, market trends, and comparable sales data to provide you with an informed and reliable valuation.
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Rental Valuations
If you are a landlord or tenant seeking fair and competitive rental rates, our rental valuation services can help. We analyze market data, property features, and rental demand to provide accurate rental valuations that benefit both landlords and tenants.
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Investment Property Valuations
For investors looking to assess the potential value and returns of a property, our investment property valuations offer valuable insights. We evaluate cash flow, market trends, rental yields, and other relevant factors to help you make informed investment decisions.
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Who We Are


Montani Property Valuers was established in 2012 as a property consultancy company that aims to provide professional valuation services of exceptional quality using valuation methodologies and strategies. The Company’s values have, as their aim, the creation of an environment of trust between management, staff and clients on the basis of professionalism, a never-ending quest for quality and excellence, and pride in our workmanship…

Services That We Offer You

Montani Property Valuers offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Here is a breakdown of our services:

Residential Properties

We specialize in valuations for residential properties, including houses, apartments, townhouses, & condominiums

Commercial Properties

We provide professional valuations for commercial properties, including office buildings, retail spaces,  and mixed-use developments.

Industrial Properties

We understand the unique factors that influence industrial property values and provide reliable valuations to support acquisition, and leasing decisions.

Agricultural Properties

Montani Property Valuers offers valuation services for agricultural properties, including farms, ranches, vineyards, and rural land.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations

We assist clients in determining the market value of their properties for capital gains tax purposes. As well as the taxable gain.

Deceased Estate

In cases of deceased estates, we provide expert valuations for properties to assist with  inheritance tax purposes.


We offer valuations for properties involved in liquidation or insolvency proceedings. 

Insurance Valuations

Montani Property Valuers provides insurance valuations to determine the replacement cost or reinstatement value of properties.

Land Restitutions

We offer valuation services for land restitution cases, assisting with determining fair compensation for land that was expropriated


Our very own team provides valuations for properties subject to expropriation by government entities. 

Rental Reviews

We conduct rental reviews to assess the fair market rental value of properties. Our comprehensive analyses consider factors such as market conditions

Municipal Valuations

At Montani Properties we assist clients in understanding and challenging municipal property valuations for property tax assessment purposes.

Valuations for Insurance

We provide valuations specifically tailored for insurance purposes. These valuations determine the reinstatement value of properties.

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At Montani Property Valuers, we are committed to delivering accurate and reliable valuation reports for all types of properties and purposes. Contact us to discuss your specific valuation needs and let us provide you with professional and trusted valuation services

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